JANUARY 2014: Fancy French Waiter

I made this piece for a Vermont Symphony Orchestra event. My presence was actually requested instead of just my sculpture and I happily accepted. Since this was a very fancy event I decided to make the sculpture fancy too. However, I wanted the sculpture to be functional as well so I came to the decision to have the sculpture be a “Fancy French Waiter.” 

JANUARY 2014: Pouncing Fox

This piece was an experiment in making small sculptures with impeccable resemblance to their subject, through implied movement. I had to work really hard to get this to be just right so it would obviously be a fox, and not just a general canine of some sort. I decided that the distinct elongated rectangular torso, the scale of the tail to the rest of the body, and the very specific angle of the back were some of the quintessential parts of the fox's form. I made this sculpture as a birthday gift to one of my best friends. She was leaving after that school year, and I wanted to make a REALLY special parting gift. I designed this sculpture so it can be placed on her desk forever and used as a pen, letter, and spare change holder. I got my inspiration, and wanted the piece to be a bit like one of these desk ornaments, but be a bit more useful.

APRIL 2014: Smiling Sun

I was commissioned to make a sculpture for a fundraiser to benefit our local chamber of commerce. The piece turned our great, and brought in $1,000 for the charity in a live auction. I however did not fair so well, I slipped on some ice and nearly sliced off my leg while carrying the sculpture out of my shop. At first I thought I would make a wine holder of some kind, or maybe a coffee table, but eventually – after digging through the junk yard that used to be my back yard – I settled on making a sun that could be hung on a house gable.