I make a point to periodically donate sculptures to various fund-raising events. My parents have taught my siblings and I that  we MUST “give back” to the world that has given us so much opportunity and abundance. We take that to heart.

So far – from the inception of BEaSPARK.com–  in April 2011 –  I have donate sculptures that have raised  over $10,000 for local charities and I have donated over $10,000 worth of sculptures to local non-profits for their grounds. 

Here’s a list of those lovely pieces and the good causes they went to:

  • $500... 2015 September: I donated the School of Fish wall hanging to the St. Albans Wine and Cheese Festival. 
  • $175 ...  2015 August: I donated a bug to an event for the Vermont Preservation Trust. 
  • $800… 2015 March: I donated a “Jumping Fish” to a local fundraiser for Make a Wish. 
  • $1100…2014 December: I donated a “Bird Feeder Christmas Tree” to a local fundraiser for United Way.
  • $1000… 2014 April: I donated the “Gable Sun” to an auction for my local chamber of commerce. 
  • $850… 2014 February: I donated the “Fancy French Waiter” to a silent auction benefiting the Vermont Symphony Orchestra. It raised 859 dollars.
  • $1200… 2013 December: I made “Squirrel & Turtle dove, and a Partridge in a Pear Tree” and donated it in a local fundraiser for United Way. 
  • $340…  2013 October: I donated the “Caddis Fly” to the St. Albans Food and Wine Festival to benefit the local Food Shelf.
  • $5,600… 2013 October: I donated the “Fairfield Message Board” to the town of Fairfield for its 250th anniversary.
  • $430… 2013 August:  I donated the “Ratatouille Skier” to a Fundraiser for Tim’s House (Our local Homeless Shelter). It raised $430.
  • $350… 2013 July:   I donated a dragon fly to an auction to benefit The Christie Corrigan Scholarship Fund, a scholarship in memory of a great young woman and family friend – Christie Corrigan.
  • $1,000… 2013 April: I donated “Maple Mirror” to an auction to benefit our local Chamber of Commerce.
  • $1,350…  2013 March:  I made a beautiful Great Blue Heron that I donated to a Make-A-Wish fundraising event. This one was very hotly contested in an auction, and eventually bought by a phone bidder for $1,350. Yeah!.. for Make-A-Wish!
  • $1,550… 2012 December: I donated a large metal Christmas Tree I called “Partridge in a Pear Tree – With Squirrel” to the St Albans Festival of Trees to benefit United Way  the Food Bank. In the live auction, this piece was the most valuable item sold at the event. (I also won the contest for “People’s Choice” Award that year.)
  • $310 … 2012 October: I donated the Baby Owl Wine and Snack Server sculpture to the St. Albans Food and Drink Festival to benefit the United Way.
  • $360 … 2012 March: I donated the sculpture I called my “Scrap Owl” to the Make-A-Wish Fund Raising Event.
  • $340 … October 2011: I donated a sculpture that functioned as a wine and food server, to the St. Albans Food and Drink Festival to benefit the Humane Society and Franklin County Battered Women’s Shelter (Laurie’s House).
  • $4,200 … 2011 June: I donated the Life-sized Dairy Cow Bike Rack to the  Brent Northrop Memorial Library, Fairfield Vermont.