• July 2012 - Present:   I designed and piloted a new kind of curriculum pathway for my high school with a concentration in co-mingling Sciences, Engineering and Art. 
  • June 2007 - Present:  I have taken rigorous private art lessons three hours each week from twodifferent mentors since I was ten years old.
  • Aug 2015 - Present:   I taught myself IOS Swift, the Apple coding for App Creation. 
  • Aug 2014 - May 2015: I taught myself to use Solid Works, a 3D modeling/printing program.
  • Sept 2012 - Jan 2015: I taught myself computer coding and built a large website to be seen at


  •  Oct 2015:     I was the keynote speaker for the annual corporate meeting of executives of EF Educational First Corporation, the largest international education company in the world.
  • Aug 2015:     My work was featured in an hour long interview for VT Channel 15.Can be seen at
  • June 2015:     I was selected to tell my story on-stage for a conference of 1,500 people, at the EF Educational Summit in Davos, Switzerland, along withintroducing Sir Ken Robinson, the keynote speaker. This can be viewed at
  • Feb 2015    I created a YouTube video to promote my idea for innovating education,  which can be viewed at
  • May 2014:     My sculpture work was featured in a WCAXTelevision Newscast and  it can be viewed at
  • June 2013:     I was asked to tell my story & introduce the Governor of Vermont at the signing of Bill 77, legislation to mandate PLP’s. That can be viewed at

College Courses Taken:

  • July 2015     Castleton University (age 17)
    • Course: Buddhist Art and Architecture, Grade: A
    • Course: Buddhist Philosophy, Grade: A
  • July 2014     University of Chicago (age 16)
    •   Course: AstroPhysics of the Stars, Grade: A
  • July 2013:     University of Chicago (age 15)
    •     Course: Biotechnology, Grade: A-
  • July 2011:     Vermont Technical College (age 14)
    •     Course: Entreperneurship: Business and Organization, Grade: A


  • Sept 2015:     Won the top award at the Vermont Makers Faire, voted unanimously to recive the $5000 prize for my design: a new type of domestic wind                 generator, the "Wind Wing."
  • Jun 2015:     Won the EF Global Citizen Scholarship – A 2 week educational and community service tour of Europe, global summit, and speaking engagement. 
  • June 2014:     Recipient of St. Laurence University Book Award, a $10,000 scholarship.
  • April 2013:     Won the award for Best Writing Piece in Vermont from the Classical Association of New England.
  • Dec 2012:    Won the “People’s Choice” award for a sculpture donated to The United Way Festival of Lights weekend.
  • May 2012:      Recipient of the Vermont Leadership Council Award.



  •  May 2015 - Present:     Vice PresidentNational Art Honor Society, Bellows Free Academy
  • Sept 2013 - Present:     President and Founder – The Art of Noticing, a blog about the emerging science of Biomimicry, at
  • June 2012 - Present:     President and Founder – Beyond The Xtra Mile Learning Pathways, a project to pioneer a new education pathway for inspired students who have found their passion. Can be found at
  •  June 2011 - Present:     President and Founder – Be a Spark!, a project to inspire social entrepreneurship in young adults at

  DURING HIGH SCHOOL YEARS: Member of Scholar’s Bowl, Creative Writing Club, National

  • Honor Society, Vermont Fencing Academy, BFA Track Team, BFA Debate Team


  •  2012 - Present:      Every year I create a sculpture to be auctioned at our local United Way  fundraiser. To date I have raised $4,900 for United Way. 
  •  2013 - Present:      Every year I donate sculptures for auctions to benefit our local homeless and battered women’s shelter. To date I have raised $1,440 for them.  
  • 2013 - Present:     Over the past two years I have donated 7 sculptures to various fundraising events for orginaztions like The Vermont Symphony Orchestra,             The Lake Champlain Trust, and Chamber of Commerce. These sculptures have raised over $3,800.
  •  2012 – 2014:     Annually, I create a sculpture for our local Make a Wish fundraising event. These three sculptures have raised $2,210 for the chairity. 
  •  Oct 2013:         Our town hall needed a major monument to celebrate the towns 250th birthday. I created a very large piece that also acts at the town message board, valued at $8,500. 
  • June 2012:         Our local Bent Northrop Memorial Library needed a bicycle rack. I designed  and created a very unusual piece valued at $7,500.


  • I have Dual citizenship -  US and Ireland – and carry both passports. 
  • I have been traveling Off-the-Beaten-Path with my family since I could carry my own back pack (age 5). With my parents, we’ve been doing research and studying in places like the Kalahari Desert, the Andes of Ecuador, the most remote part of Tibet, quiet corners of eastern Europe like Slovenia, Croatia, the Czech Republic and closer to home in places like Newfoundland, Northern Ireland, and Spain.