2013 OCTOBER: Fairfield Sign/Message Board

This sculpture startedwhen I was in the eighth  grade,  when I made and donated the cow bike rackin front of the library.  Two different people who stopped by while I was installing the cow sculpture mentioned that my NEXT piece might be a sculpture to double as a town message board – replacing the awkward and often misfortune plagued sandwich board that has been out in the yard in front of the town hall.  I’d like to just point out what I envision this sculpture to represent three essential elements in the history of our Fairfield.  When we approach the sign coming from St. Albans, I have designed a little homage to Fairfield’s dairy farming history.

When you approach the sign coming from East Fairfield, there is an homage to our world-class Sugaring industry. If you park in the town office parking lot, you will see the third side, where you will find my “Toil and TalentTurkey”. The turkey is made almost 100% toolsfrom tools or scrap metal that represents well over 100 different kinds of back breaking and skilled work. When you pause to think of the variety of labor and expertise that it takes to build and strengthen a community over 250 years, it is mind boggling.  I have to thank my mother for being a “Wandering Junk Yard Scavenger” for the last 20 years, as most of those bits and pieces came from her precious collection of old tools and special scrap metal finds.