SEPTEMBER 2012:  Lady of the Lake House

The “Lady of the Lake House” is a sculpture I made for a wedding present for some very special friends of our family.  They had a beautiful collection of copper pots but nowhere to display them when they were not being used. So when we asked them what they needed, they suggested that I make them a simple pyramid-shaped pot holder/stand to go in the corner of their kitchen.

Well,… I am not good at “simple”.  We spent an afternoon laying out the pots on a blanket, in various configurations, on my welding shop floor, and eventually we found ourselves arranging them into the body parts of a voluptuous lady. The rest of the creative process was full of my usual scavenger hunts through our huge collection of scrap metal and a couple trips to some promising dumpsters. I had a lot of funcreating this one. I would consider it a good representation of my best work in the “Novel AND Useful” category!