NOVEMBER 2014: The Horse With No Name 

In the late summer of 2014 I was walking around our local farmer’s market in the beautiful St. Albans park and was inspired to make a sculpture of a horse to commemorate an upcoming festival in the park. Next weekend thousands of people will flock to our town to celebrate a reenactment of a famous Civil War episode called The St. Albans Raid. This piece started with finding the two giant metal sprockets that are the front hooves, and the round disc harrow pieces that for the hip. After that, the scale of the horse was set in stone,.. or metal as the case may be. Then I found a huge I-beam in my metal stock piles to use as a heavy base for the 2000 pound beast. The rest just came together organically as I built the skeleton and then added volume with various bits, bobs and flat stock cut with my plasma cutter. OH!.. and the head and front legs are on springs and move freely in the wind,.. bringing the sculpture completely alive! It was installed yesterday in a perfect spot in the front yard of my parents’ dental office, a great place for the whole town to pass by and enjoy it!